I am not the me that is me. I'm a make-believer, an imaginaut, and the mad author of the blapshemous Dodacehedronomicon. Gazing into the Abyss was no longer enough for me, so I took a deep breath and plunged right in. I still havent come up for air

So I have this sorta popular main blog:
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I listen to a lot of music because it speaks for me when my words cant.
Here's what I listen to

Here's a special place for some of my writings, from stories to journal entries:

Other things I'm into:
1) space stuff
2) pizza
3) vidya gaemz
4) comic books/graphic novels
5) writing
6) lists
c) nonconformity


There are a lot of art and design blogs I follow on tumblr who make me wonder if they’re real people or not

They never comment about anything or put down their own personal thoughts so I get this uncanny valley sensation about them… like maybe they’re just really advanced spambots who happen to have (mostly) excellent taste.

So when this happens I start inundating them with comments and replys and asks to see if I get a response. Typically, I’ll get a response after so many of these and finally my fears will be assuaged. 

But there’s still one or two blogs I continuously send messages and comments to and I’ve still never heard anything back. I suspect human replicants.

  1. insanelygaming said: that’s odd
  2. hiddenlex said: The worst is when they do start speaking…and they turn out to be giant douchebags. Sometimes it’s best not to ruin the illusion.
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    haha! I like how excited Jess has gotten! And yup, a good blend of information and color sums it up nicely… and some...
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    Sylvia & Ian are talking to one another online… let’s go live in Alaska and be best friends with Ian! haha
  5. itstime2smile said: Oh dear I hope I never made you wonder like that! :O
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    I’ve gone back and forth several times on the main blog about whether I should be adding personal commentary or not,...
  7. la-wees said: haha i can imagine a Bot sipping tea and being all “Mmmmyesss”, “Indeed n’shit”
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    You know too much Ian, stop digging into it, you can’t stop us. We are everywhere, even in your cellphone, and we know...
  9. sovereignspace said: Skynet….
  10. triboluminiscencia said: Bots or giant douchebags… with impeccable taste.
  11. jessthevagabond said: I never comment on the art blog I run - I just post and reblog things I find.