I am not the me that is me. I'm a make-believer, an imaginaut, and the mad author of the blapshemous Dodacehedronomicon. Gazing into the Abyss was no longer enough for me, so I took a deep breath and plunged right in. I still havent come up for air

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c) nonconformity


sovereignspace asked
What's your favorite local pizza place? What's your favorite pizza chain? What's your favorite type of pizza?

I know everyone who’s ever lived in the history of forever will say they they’ve had the best pizza in a small little local joint, but believe me when I say all those people are wrong and should be imprisoned for spreading false information, because the best pizza you will ever have the pleasure of putting inside of your body is The Moose’s Tooth (or Bear’s Tooth, their second location in Anchorage) and if you need proof, look at this menu. They also brew their own beer and the place has about an hour wait to get in every single night of the week. If you ever make the trip to Anchorage, this is the premiere tourist destination. They also do first tap events and host bands (it’s where I saw Silversun Pickups last summer). I recommend the Avalanche (with barbeque sauce!) or the Santa’s Little Helper. 

In short, Moose’s Tooth pizza is basically the equivalent of an actual piece of nirvana, sliced and cooked in the fires of Hades. Come on up and I’ll go there with you because I’m always looking for an excuse to go.

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